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Divinity Experienced with Melody at Meera Bai Temple

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blog-0660155001418268628.jpgVrindavan, December 9, 2014: On Tuesday evening, devotees gathered in the Meera Bai temple to immerse in the joy of devotion in a musical concert performed by Neeta Saraf and Priya Chopra.

According to the devotees who relished the devotional music the inner and outer world communed and they experienced divinity. The duo who sang for several hours attributed their singing to Girdhar Gopal, Meera Bai, and the saints who were present in temple.

Pradyumna Pratap Maharaj, the sevait of the Meera Bai Temple said, “Meera Bai used the medium of music to spread her message of bhakti and express her devotional fervor.

Ful Dol Bihari Das said, “India has a long tradition of devotional music which came into existence through the work of saint poets and their followers. They wrote devotional poems in praise of Krishna and used them as a means of prayer.”

Echoing Ful Dol Baba’s sentiments, Tamal Krishna Das from Imli Tala said, “There has always been a close connection between music and spirituality.”

Some of the songs sung by them were ‘Puja karne aayi pujarin hari gun gane aayi hun; ‘Kahin aisa na ho gaay bina payen tere darshan ye naina band ho jaye; Aisi lagi lagan etc. The singers were assisted by Madan on Tabla madan and his son on harmonium.

Rasacharya Hare Krishna Sharma also sang bhajans during this occasion.

Sevait Pradyumna Pratap Singh, Mahant Ladli Sharan, Kishori Raman Acharya, Dr. Achyut Lal Bhatt, Tamal Krishna Das, Bihari Lal Bashishtha, Mahant Fuldol Bihari Das, Chandra Prakash Sharma, Maruti Nandan Bagish, Madhumangal Shukla, Naval Giri, Hare Krishna Sharma, Bhaktamal Das, Bal Krishna Gautam, Ras Bihari Das, etc., were present.

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