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Shri Lalacharaya shows why need to respect all Vaishnavas

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Shri Lalacharya was a saint in the line of Ramanujacharya Maharaj. He had the most respect for anyone wearing the dress of a Vaishnava. He used to honour all those who wore Vaishnava attire. He considered all Vaishnavas as his brothers. His wife understood his mood, but others often didn’t understand.

One day Mrs Lalacharya went to get water with a few of her friends. A body with the markings of a Vaishnava, including Tulsi neckbeads, washed up on the shore. Teasing her, her friends said

Look at him carefully. Is he your husbands older brother or younger brother? When his wife told him of this incident, Lalacharya began to cry. He was thinking,  my brother was a Vaishnava saint and has now attained the abode of the Supreme. Then, they went to the river to perform final rights according to tradition.

On the thirteenth day, Lalacharya organized a feast in honour of the Vaishnava. He invited the Brahmins of his local community but they all declined, thinking that Lalalacharya is trying to corrupt them by inviting them to a feast in honour of a person whose caste and history is unknown. The Brahmins who were against the feast convinced the others not to go, so, in the end no one was willing to come to his house for the feast.

Lalacharya was concerned about this matter so he explained what happened to Shri Ramanujacharya ji. Rananujacharya ji said,

Don’t worry, those Brahmins are just ignorant about the glories of Vaishnava Prasad.

Then Ramanujacharya himself proceeded to Lalacharya’s house to partake of the Prasad. The local Brahmins who saw him tried to stop him but were a bit taken aback by his divine glow. They waited outside and planned to interrogate Ramanujacharya further when he came out of the feast.

After the feast Ramanujacharya left Lalacharya’s house, not by road but by rising up into the sky. When the local Brahmins saw this, it opened their eyes so that they could see their mistake. They fell at Lalacharya’s feet crying and begged forgiveness.

Lalacharya was a great Vaishnava. He did not want to make anyone ashamed so he said to them,

You are all Brahmins. You make me ashamed by talking this way. It was by your actions that I had the Darshan of a great saint. I am grateful to all of you.

The Brahmins no longer had any doubts about Lalacharya’s philosophy. They went to his house and took the grains that had fallen on the ground as Prasad. They became filled with joy and many took Vaishnava initiation.

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