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This week at Radharaman Temple: Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami’s Seva Begins

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Vrindavan, 12.06.2019

Devotees enjoyed the first day of Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami’s Seva Mahotsav yesterday. In the lead up to Maharaj taking over the leadership of Shri Radharaman ji’s service, it was announced that the service would be organized according to a secret theme.


Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami

Seeing the lush green decorations, the crowded room of devotees understood that the theme was the ‘groves of Vrindavan’, which is fitting since that Shrivatsa Goswami Maharaj is known as ‘the environmentalist Goswami’. There were several ‘trees’ on the Jagmohan, which had been recreated from branches and were adorned with flowers.

Shri Radharaman was sitting on a small podium in the middle of the recreated forest. The podium looked like a temple within the temple. The sides and dome of the podium were created from carved banana tree trunks with ornate floral themed carvings. Lattices of white Mogra flowers weaved over colourful cloth added colour and made for a pleasing aesthetic effect.

Radharaman ji was wearing a fine silk saffron coloured suit enriched with sequin designs. The most striking thing about His appearance was His large eyes. Unlike many Deities, Radharaman ji’s eyes change. Sometimes He has thin, mischievous-looking eyes, but yesterday He had big eyes, lotus eyes to look at and shower mercy on all those who came before Him.


Shri Radharaman ji 11.12.19
Photo: Shubankar Goswami

There were yellow and green flags covering the roof and pink and yellow cloth adorning the podiums at the back of the temple where Tulsi Maharani and Giriraj Maharaj reside.


Tulsi Parikrama after Sandya Aarti at Radharaman temple

Each Goswami family has their own approach to Radharaman ji’s seva and devotees say that Thakurji’s mood and characteristics change according to the individual artistic style and devotional mood of the family in charge. Devotees often comment that when Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami and his sons are in charge, Radharaman ji looks like a young prince.

The regal atmosphere is enhanced during the evening Aarti.  During Sandya Aarti at 7.30pm, two straight lines of men stand in straight lines the outskirts of the inner group of Aarti participants holding silver flagpoles.

Maharaj’s seva will continue until the 22nd June. Shrivatsa Maharaj’s seva period arises every two years. The special Darshans at this time are not to be missed.


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