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Ailing Ramesh Baba refuses to leave Braj, get admitted; Maan Mandir turns hospital

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index_1_4582822_835x547-m-750x491.jpgBarsana, 19-09-2019

Venerated Braj saint and Padma Shri Ramesh Baba’s health has been deteriorating since the past one week. Respecting Baba’s vow of not leaving Braj, all facilities required for his treatment have been set up at Barsana’s Maan Mandir where doctors from Bhakti Vedanta Vridavan and Delhi are taking care of him.

84-year-old Ramesh Baba had been keeping unwell since the last 2-3 months, but last week his health condition became serious due to an infection which led to fluid build up in his lungs. Baba was immediately rushed to Mathura’s Nayati Hospital, but he refused to get admitted. Hence all facilities for his treatment were set up within the Maan Mandir premises.

At present, not even his disciples are allowed to meet him. Shri Radhakant Shastri said that he is responding to the treatment, and will hopefully recover soon.

Although Ramesh Baba was born in Prayagraj, he has never been out of Braj since he came here 66 years ago in 1953. He considers all Brajwasis as emanations of Shri Radha-Krishna. Dedicating his life to ‘Dham and Gau Seva’, Baba worked tirelessly for environmental and cow protection in Braj. He was honoured with Padma Shri – one of India’s highest civilian honours –earlier this year.

While other recipients from across the country travelled to Delhi to receive the award from the President in March, Babaji was felicitated by Shri Shailja Kant Misra at a private ceremony held in his ashram on May 17 as he refused to leave Braj.

Often referred to as the ‘saint who uplifts Braj’, he helped rescue many Braj pilgrimage places from dacoits and mining activities. He has also been at the forefront of the movement to save Yamuna. Through Baba’s efforts, the foundation stone for Mataji Goshala was laid in 2007. Today, around forty thousand cows are being served in this Goshala which is also famous for running Asia’s biggest plant generating gas and electricity from cow dung. 


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