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Radha through Krishna’s eyes

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One day in Goloka Vrindavana, Shyam sat alone under the shade of a beautiful flowering kadamba tree that was filling the entire forest with a sweet fragrance reminiscent of Radharani. Becoming absorbed in vivid memories of His sweet beloved, Krishna spontaneously began glorifying Radha with the choicest words full of love.

Brilliant green parrots gathered in the branches, curious innocent deer collected nearby, and swans floated in the peaceful waters of the Yamuna. All were stunned in bliss and spellbound in amazement to hear what Shyam was saying.

Contemplating within Himself, –vichar –antare 238,

Krishna said:

cin-maya –purna -tattva, radhika –prem –unmatta

"I am full of transcendental consciousness and spiritual truth, but Radhika’s love completely maddens Me." 122

na –jani –radha –prema –bal, kare -sarvada -vihval

"What is that power of Radha’s love by which Radha always overwhelms Me?" 123

Everywhere, everyone says I am the adi-guru, jagat-guru, spiritual master of the universe. But now I know the real truth is this:

radhikara –prem –guru, ami –shishya –nat
ama –nana –nrtye, nachaya -udbhat

"Radhika’s prem is MY GURU. I am Her dancing disciple. Radha’s sweet love makes Me dance in many wonderful ways." 124

radha –prem –vibhu, 

kshane –kshane –baday –sadai

"Although Radha’s love is all-pervading, it increases at every second." 128

While Shyam was praising His beloved Priya, He suddenly remembered Her divine form and how Radhika’s rupa, gandha, shabdha, rasa, sparsha and vritti completely attract and captivate all His senses of seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, touching and thinking.

Krishna continues speaking: "Ten million Cupids are conquered by My matchless, unsurpassed sweet beauty. But My eyes find the greatest happiness in seeing Radha." 242-3

vamshi –gitakarshay –tri -bhuvan
radha –vacane –hare -shravan

"My flute song attracts the three worlds. But Radha’s voice fully enchants My ears." 244

amara –gandha –jagat –sugandha.
chitta –prana –hara, radha –anga –gandha

"The fragrance of My body fills the universe with sweet aromas. But the naturally sweet scent of Sriji’s limbs fully enthralls My mind and heart." 245

amara –rasa -jagat -sarasa

radhara –adhara –ras –kar –vasha

"Although My rasas fill the world with sweetness, I am totally controlled and subjugated by the sweet taste of Radha’s lips." 246

amara –sparsha –kotindu -shital
radhika –sparsha –amasushital

"Although My touch is cooler than ten million moons, I am completely refreshed by the cooling caress of Kishori" 247

jagat -sukha –hetu, radha – rupa -jivatu

"Although I am the cause of happiness in the world, Radha’s sweet beauty is My life and soul." 248

anya –sanga –yata –sukha –pai, radha -sukha –shata -adhikai

"I get a hundred times more happiness from meeting Radha than from anyone else." 258

Somehow by divine arrangement, that very Queen of Shyam’s heart suddenly appeared at that lonely spot beside the Yamuna. Seizing the opportunity to flatter the cherished treasure of His heart, Gopinatha said:

"O Devi! Your divinely attractive body is the source of all beauty.

O Sulochana, Your radiant cherry-red lips are softer than the sense of immortal sweetness.

O Pranapriya! The effulgent orb of Your perfectly shaped face bears the aroma of a lotus.

O Radha! Your heart-touching, honey sweet words silence the soothing warbling of the cuckoo.

O Sriji! Your shapely golden limbs are cooler than sandalwood.

Actually, O Shyamaa! Each and every one of My senses floods with bliss whenever I am with You, who are the abode of the most attractive and sensational qualities."

Verses numbered above are from "Sri Chaitanya Charitamrta" adi-lila, chapter four.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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