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The appearance place of Shrimati Radharani

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Raval, India: October 17, 2003
Shri Shrimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaj

By the mercy of Shri Guru and Vaisnavas, we have come to the appearance place of Shri Krishna's svarupa-sakti, Mahabhava Svarupini Shrimati Radhika. Due to differences in different kalpas (millenniums), the pastimes of Shrimati Radhika's appearance manifest in different ways.

lalita-sakhi guna-ramita-visakhe!

["Just as the moon was produced from the churning of the Milk ocean, You have arisen like the new moon from the ocean of Vrishabhanu Maharaj's affection for You. O, dearmost friend of Lalita! O, You who have captivated the heart of Your intimate sakhi Visakha with Your charming (lalita) qualities of friendship, kindness and loyalty to Krishna." (Shri Shri Radhika Pada-Padme Vijnapti, verse 3)]

Shrimati Radhika is very near and dear to Shri Vrishabhanu Maharaj. Therefore, most people call Her Vrishabhanu-nandini, the beloved daughter of Vrishabhanu Maharaj. Very few people call Her Kirtida-nandini. The word raval means "great landlord", and therefore this place is named after Vrishabhanu Maharaj. One early morning he went to the Yamuna to bathe, and there he saw a very effulgent thousand-petal lotus flower. In the middle of the lotus was a very attractive baby girl Shrimati Radhika. With great affection he took that girl to his house, gave Her to Kirtida-sundari, his beautiful wife Kirtida, and they adopted Her.

Sometimes Shrimati Radhika appears directly in Varshana. There, Shri Vrishabhanu Maharaj went to Vrishabhanu Kunda early in the morning and, just as here, he found Shrimati Radhika there on a thousand-petal lotus.

Understanding that the Supreme Lord, sarva-shaktiman (the all-powerful) Shri Krishna had already appeared on Earth, Shri Narada Muni concluded that His svarupa-sakti, His complete internal potency, Shrimati Radhika, must have also appeared somewhere. He went to the house of Vrishabhanu Maharaj and, after receiving his obeisances, asked him if he had any children. Vrishabhanu Maharaj replied, "Yes, I have a son named Shridama." Rishi Narada asked, "Do you have a daughter?" Vrishabhanu Maharaj replied, "Yes we have one daughter." Rishi Narada said, "I want to see Her, to give Her blessings and read Her future."

Vrishabhanu Maharaj became very happy that Shri Narada Muni wanted to see his daughter. Shri Naradaji asked him to quickly bring some paraphernalia for the worship and for Shrimati Radhika's receiving blessings. As soon as Vrishabhanu Maharaj went outside, Narada Muni began to pray to Shrimati Radhika's lotus feet, "Kada karisyasiha mam krpa-kataksa-bhajanam? - O Shrimati Radhika, when will You bestow Your mercy upon me?"

Shrimati Radhika then displayed Her kishori form - Her ever-present, eternal form as a thirteen and a half year-old girl - along with Lalita, Visakha and all the ashta-sakhi gopis. At that time Shri Narada Muni felt very happy. That is why he is always present in Vrindavan - to get the darshan of Shrimati Radhika.

Our hope is that by coming to this place, by hearing the Hari-katha from the lotus mouth of Shri Guru, and by touching the dust here, this appearance place of Shrimati Radhika may also appear in our hearts and give us mercy and inspiration. Our hope is that Her nearest and dearest, Shri Guru, will pray for us so that we will one day become Her maidservants.



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