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Video - Vraja Renu Mahima // Shri Pran Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj 02.11.2019 [00:02:49]

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Shri Pran Krishna Das Babaji, Vraja Renu Mahima.

Guruji starts singing - “If sand (dhula) from this land of Vraja touches the body of a sinful person (paapi).” Before singing further, he explains - “For example, in Bangladesh, don't we refer to this sand of Vraja although there is no Vraja bhoomi in Bangladesh. By saying like that we refer to the sand touching the feet of devotees performing Sankirtan. But in front of us here is directly the sand of Vraja bhoomi. This land is Vraja bhoomi itself. This sand is not ordinary sand. It is called Raja.”

Guruji resumes singing: “If sand (dhula) from this land of Vraja touches the body of a sinful person (paapi), then such a paapi goes to Vaikuntha lok on a divine, transcendental chariot. If this dhula (sand) falls in Ganga water then the water of Ganga also gets purified. Can you imagine, Ganga gets purified by Vraja dhula? The same Ganga water that purifies us, that water also gets purified by this Vraja dhula. This is stated in the Bhagwat Purana.”

Translation by Sanatan das (Delhi)

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