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Video - Katha on Anakut Giriraj in Govardhan town // Shri Pran Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj 19.11.2019 [00:20:31]

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Radhe Radhe! Guruji Katha on Anakut Giriraj in Govardhan town (katha starts from 5 min, after kirtan, English translation by Sanatan dasji, Delhi)

People cry when they are in need or want, i.e. when they are poor. Rich people don't cry. They think that they have got wealth, prestige, all the good things in life, so why should they need God. But poor people don't have anything and cry for God's mercy. So it is better to be poor in life. The lower a person's position is in life, the more eligible he becomes to receive Lord's kripa (mercy). Just as water flows downwards and therefore pits (or holes in the ground) accumulate more water than places that are higher up, similarly the poor who are low, who have no pride of wealth, education, achievements, etc., are more eligible to receive the Lord's mercy which flows downwards.

Therefore, those who are wealthy should try to become poor in order to receive the Lord's kripa. How do the rich become poor? We should understand this properly. Is a rich man's wealth bad? No, there is nothing bad about wealth. What is bad is the rich person's arrogance and pride at being wealthy. So, a wealthy person has to give up his mental feeling of being the owner (false owner) of his so-called wealth and worldly possessions. Outwardly he may be a rich person but inwardly, in his mind, he should consider himself poor by giving up his sense of ownership, ego, pride, greed, etc.

Trinad api sunichen, taror api sahishnuna.

He should try to become tolerant like a tree, and behave like a straw, which doesn't protest even if others trample on it. It takes its position low in the earth and whether we dig or trample the earth, it does not protest. The day we can become like this in our behaviour, that day we will get the kripa of God.

In Annakut ceremony, the rule is to offer everything available in the house in front of the Lord in His form as Giriraj. Don't offer only a sample of what is in the house. Sweep the house clean and offer everything to God. Try to do this from the next year onwards.

Guru, sadhu, and vaishnav don't visit the house of everybody. Similarly, God also does not visit everybody's house. Only a person who has the good fortune of many past births is able to receive a vaishnav in his house and serve him. Vaishnav neither visits everybody's house, nor eats at just everybody's house. It is the same with God. He says 'I do not accept food from anybody who is not Mine. I don't eat at anybody and everybody's place.' So how to become such an ideal householder whose house is visited by vaishnavas and God? To become like this, a person should be humble and think himself low and behave accordingly. He should consider himself lower than Jagai and Madhai who received the kripa of Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. A person should also considered himself lower than the worm in the stool. The stool worm at least mixes the stool with the earth and purifies the place, but we don't even have such an ability. So we are lower than even the worm in the stool.

Try to become such a humble person and take a certificate from Guru. Then go to Radha-kunda and settle down there to practice devotional service. Guru's mercy is equally available to everybody just like a desert receives rainfall like every other place. However, the desert is unable to make good use of the rainfall and hence remains dry. Similarly not everybody who receives a Guru's mercy is able to benefit from it because of his sins and resultant disinterest.

Finally, if you do not learn Bengali, you will not get prema. Mahaprabhu was Bengali and He established the Riti (system of bhakti), niti (rules of devotional service), bhajan (doing Harinaam japa or kirtan), and sadhana (the method, starting with sadhana-bhakti). Did anybody else teach all this? No, not even Krishna. Krishna enjoyed His pastimes, stole butter, spoke lies, lived a colourful life, played pranks. But Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu descended on earth as the prema-avatar. He decided to distribute prema to everybody. He attracted the condition souls towards bhakti of Krishna by humbly falling and begging at their feet, by dragging them by their hands. Where else will you get such a lovable God? So, if you want prema then approach Gaura (Lord Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu). But that does not mean we should not worship Krishna because Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna Himself. Mahaprabhu is the bhakta avatara who is distributing prema. He is the devotee incarnation of Krishna. In this incarnation He teaches everybody that the only worshipable object is Krishna. So we must strictly follow Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's teachings (riti, niti, bhajan, sadhana) in our devotional practices but we must please Krishna by chanting Krishna's name. Harinam means Lord Hari (Krishna) descends wherever His name is being sung by devotees. Everybody likes to hear about himself. Similarly God also likes it when devotees sing His name.

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