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Video - The one gem of wisdom to master your mind // Swami Mukundananda [00:08:33]

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The mind is a thought generating machine, and it always seeks to do pleasurable things instead of taking the hardships to do things that are beneficial for life (for example, wasting too time on TV instead of doing some exercise, etc.). However, controlling the mind is easy. For example, some children are not interested in studying and more keen on playing. However, during the time of final exams, they focus their mind in giving the best answers to questions without any distraction for a few hours, knowing very well that if they don't, they will fail the class. That is the power of the mind when the intellect guides it in the proper direction.

So how can we guide the mind to do the right things and desist from doing anything wrong? For that to happen, we need to illumine our intellect with divine wisdom, which is readily available from saints and scriptures. The scriptures tell us what to do and what not to do, so if we repeat and revise the knowledge of scriptures every day through the help of a spiritual master, that will help us guide the mind and intellect in the path of righteousness.

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