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Video - Practice this habit to make right decisions in life // Swami Mukundananda [00:10:07]

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Swami mukundananda gives us the way to remember the knowledge we learned from scriptures and saints so that it can help us make the right decisions in life, in that exact moment of need.

Knowledge is useful only when we remember and apply it in a given situation. For that to happen, we need to contemplate and revise the knowledge learned from the scriptures and saints many times. For example, the scriptures tell us not to get angry when someone hurts our feelings because the anger will cause more harm to us than the person who has hurt our feeling. However, when the real test of anger management comes, we may forget the knowledge, get angry, only to regret later. Why? Because we hadn't contemplated what we learned and revised it many times that when the situation presented itself, we could have remembered it.

Therefore to make the right decisions in life, we need to develop the habit of contemplating and revising the divine knowledge of the scriptures. That way, it will be helpful in the time of need.

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