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Video - The two qualities that can make the impossible possible in life // Swami Mukundananda [00:08:11]

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Swami Mukundananda discusses the two qualities that we need to develop to achieve anything in our life - detachment, and practice.

We all wish to grow spiritually, transform our lives, and strive to be better persons. However, such a noble endeavor requires detachment from the worldly pleasures and sense objects that are detrimental to our growth. Our mind is material, so, naturally, it runs towards the world. When that happens, we need to bring the mind to the divine realm through repeated practice. Meditating on God provides an excellent opportunity to achieve this-worldly detachment.

Practice can do wonders for anything we want to achieve in our life. Mastery in any field comes from repeated practice, day in and out. The studies say that it requires at least 10000 hours of dedicated effort to become world-class in anything. So if we wish to transform our lives, we need to contemplate and practice repeatedly the tools that we have learned so far in this life transformation challenge. When we put sufficient efforts to grow spiritually and become a better person, it will naturally attract the divine grace of God.

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