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Video - Your ultimate success in life depends on this // Swami Mukundananda [00:11:28]

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Swami Mukundananda talks about the role of a guru or a spiritual master for our ultimate success in the journey of life transformation.

We all reached some level of proficiency in life in a given field by learning from a teacher. We learned from our teachers in school, colleges to become qualified in the area we wanted to pursue our careers (for example engineering, medical science, etc.). Similarly, for our ultimate success in life, spiritual knowledge is necessary for which we need to find a guru.

Guru means the one who dispels ignorance. Without the guidance of the guru, we cannot dispel ignorance by ourselves. The guru or the spiritual master has theoretical and realized knowledge of the ultimate truth. By rendering selfless service to the guru, we can also learn the divine wisdom that will transform our lives. By the grace of guru, we can then accomplish the ultimate purpose of our life, which is to realize God.

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