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Video - Get 1% better everyday to see how it transforms your life // Swami Mukundananda [00:14:19]

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Swami Mukundananda relates to us the importance of incremental improvement every day and how it can transform your life.

Consider this, for example. Today you decided to improve yourself spiritually and chose to spend 20 min of your time practicing spirituality. Does it transform your life? A little bit, but no visible results are seen. Six months later, after spending 20 min every day on this goal, you feel some change in the way you look at this world and slowly understand the purpose of your life and begin contemplating over it.

After a year, you start seeing a few visible changes - TV games and other wordly pleasures don't appeal to you that much, and you begin reading the scriptures and decide to engage in meditation. After five years, you see yourself wholly transformed and learned the art of managing your mind and emotions. You attained a level of spiritual mastery that you never thought was possible the day you started this practice.

Such is the power of incremental improvement. Watch more to find out as Swami Mukundananda relates to us how getting better 1% a day can transform our lives in a few years.

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