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Merger of Vrindavan Will Be Its Political Murder

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blog-0335884001419853500.jpgVrindavan, December, 28th 2014: The protest against the merger of Vrindavan in Mathura gained momentum when the residents of Vrindavan staged a ‘dharna’ at the Atalla Chungi parikrama crossing. Hundreds of people congregated to oppose the proposal of merging Vrindavan in Mathura by the state government. The ‘dharna’ was organized by the ‘Brahmin Seva Sangh’, a federation of Brahmins. . Fliers were distributed to the participants on why the ‘merger’ is not good for Vrindavan.

Local leaders from different political parties also participated in the ‘dharna’. Various speakers termed it as a conspiracy against the temple town of Vrindavan. They warned that the amalgamation of the two towns will be responsible for the political murder of Vrindavan.

The Chairman of Vrindavan Municipal Council Shri Mukesh Gautam along with some municipal ward members was also present on the stage to support the movement. Addressing the gathering Shri Mukesh Gautam said that he would lead a delegation to meet the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, once the appointment is fixed with him.

Although the ‘dharna’ was organized under the banner of the Brahmin Seva Sangh, the members from several other organizations participated in the demonstration in support of their demand. The members of the Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance were also invited for the ‘sit-in’.

Shri Chandra Lal Sharma, the president of the ‘Brahmin Seva Sangh’ said that his organization will soon begin the relay fast so that the voice of their concern reaches to the Chief Minister. He said, ‘merging Vrindavan in Mathura is a political murder of this temple town’. “We shall not remain quiet on an issue which poses challenge to the existence of the holy dham”, added Sharma who is a retired teacher.

“It is completely unconstitutional to merge the two towns with different cultures”, said Dr. Vinod Banerjee.

Damodar Shashtri, the vice president of the Brahmin Seva Sangh said that he was persuing with the legal mesures through the Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance. Shashtri who is also a senior member of the BVHA said that all the individuals and organization should work together for the cause of saving Vrindavan.

Chhail Bihari Sharma, another brahmin leader said that there can’t be any bigger challenge than the merger of it in Mathura. He added that Vrindavan is a special place where all the gods seek shelter. It can’t be merged with any other town.

Madhumangal Shukla said that none of the public representatives have given their consent for the merger. “It will be arbitrary action of the government if it merges the two towns against the wishes of its citizens.”

Jagannath Poddar from Friends of Vrindavan said that if Vrindavan itself crossed the half million mark in population then it could be upgraded to a Municipal Corporation. But merging the two cities for the sake of reaching the population limit to upgrade into Municipal Corporation is ridiculous.

Sourav Gaud, the president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Vrindavan branch demanded the ‘A’ grade status for the Vrindavan Municipality by expanding its boundaries to Chhatikara.

Chandramani Pandey, Haribol Baba, Vijay Kishore Mishra, Guppu Swami, Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Prem Kishore Gautam, Sohan Singh Sisodia, Ramesh Pujari etc. addressed the gathering.

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