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‘Seva Mahotsava’ at Radha Raman to be missed by devotees

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blog-0306713001420234133.jpgVrindavan, January 2nd 2015: The thirty three day long ‘Seva Mahotsava’ at Radha Raman Mandir ends on Friday with the ‘Rajbhog Darshan’. Tears rolled down the devotees’ eyes on the thought how they would miss the ecstatic moments spent on these days. They enjoyed every moments of the ‘Seva Mahotsava’ organized under the auspices of Jagat Guru Chaitanya Sampradayacharya Purushottam Goswami ji Maharaj. The Seva-fest began on 29th November 2014 and went on for more than a month introducing it to the New Year of 2015.

On each of the thirty three days the various special ‘puja’ were performed to Thakur Shri Radha Raman Lal by Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami, Acharya Venu Gopal Goswami, Shri Abhinav Goswami and Shri Suvarn Goswami. Thakur ji was adorned with beautiful shringar, clothes and ornaments and His temple was decorated to present various themes representing different places of Vraja such as Goverdhan hill, Vraja Kedanath hill, Kusum Sarovar, Bhandir Van etc. The devotees enjoyed every bit by remembering those places and were mesmerized by the Divine Darshan.

Every morning the Harinam Sankirtan was performed by the Bengali Vaishnavas. The devotees danced with the tunes of Mahamantra Sankirtan. Maharaj Shree Jagatguru Purushottam Goswami himself led the Raag Seva by singing the Lila Kirtan of the Divine Couple in Vraja bhasha. Maharaj ji’s Bengali Kirtan was also enjoyed by the devotees who repeated every line Maharaj ji had sung.

The daily Raag Seva was performed by Shri Tarun Krishna. Majestic performances by various artists gave pleasure to Thakur ji and his devotees. The devotees were engrossed with the Raag Seva and Nritya Seva of many well known artists. Padmashree Geeta Chandran, Govind Bhargav, Anand Malik, Tarun Krishna, Sushri Madhu chanda, Sandeep Bhattacharya, Padamshree Ranjana Gauhar, Kailash Sharma, are some names who performed their art during the seva Mahotsava. The students from the Venu Naad Kala Kendra also performed Odissi dance on several occasions which was appreciated by the audience.

The Bhagvat Saptaha Yagna and Bhajan Sandhya by Acharya Venu Gopal Goswami became added attraction in the Seva Mahotsava. Delicious Prasadam made of dry fruits and milk products were offered to Thakur ji and then were distributed among the devotees. The special ‘paan’ were regularly brought from Varanasi by courier for Thakur ji.

The ‘Seva Mahotsava’ is the perfect example on how beautifully the deities are served in the temples of Vrindavan. The temple culture of Shri Dham Vrindavan will always remained unmatched with the rest of the world. It will not be an exaggeration to say, not only the devotees but the Lord himself will be waiting for such seva again in coming years.

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