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Why is Brahma our original guru - Varshana

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brahma-krishna.jpgShri Shrimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja
Varshana: November 12, 2002

[In this talk, Shrila Narayana Maharaja provides additional information as to why Gaudiya Vaisnavas accept Lord Brahma as the original guru in our sampradaya. He also discusses the extraordinary mercy that Krishna bestows upon those devotees who seek the dust from Shrimati Radhika's lotus feet, and he also recounts the pleasing verbal sparring between Shri Krishna and Shrimati Radharani when He is trying to meet Her at Kosi. ?ed.]

Why is Brahma our original guru? Shri Krishna Himself, by His own Sarasvati (internal knowledge potency), gave Brahma initiation into the gopal-mantra, and with the sound of His flute, He gave him the kama-gayatri mantra. In this way, Brahma is the root guru in our sampradaya. But this is the secondary cause ? not the primary one. The primary cause is that Brahma worshipped Shrimati Radhika and Shri Krishna for thousands and thousandsof years. Then, when They approached Brahma and told him to ask for a boon, he prayed to Radhika, "I want Your lotus feet always on my head as You engage in Your sweet pastimes." It seems by this that his inclination is towards Shrimati Radhika. Lord Siva, on the other hand, performed great tapasya for Krishna, and asked for the boon that all of Krishna's pastimes will be on his head. His inclination is somewhat towards Krishna. He is rasika and He became Gopisvara, yet there we see a somewhat different mood. We therefore accept Brahma as ourroot guru.

There are so many things I wish to say about Shrimati Radhika. I think that in a couple of days I will be sufficiently recovered, and when we reach Vrndavana I will explain some of Her glories. I want to tell you one thing now:

yo brahma-rudra-suka-narada-bhisma-mukhyair
alaksito na sahasa purusasya tasya
sad-karana-curnam ananta-saktim
tam Radhika-carana-renum anusmarami

["I meditate on the dust of Shri Radha's lotus feet; the dust that even Brahma, Siva, Sukadeva, Narada, Bhisma, and a host of great saints cannot see, the dust that has limitless power, the dust that at once transforms the Supreme Personality of Godhead into Shri Radha's submissive servant." (Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi Text 4, by Shri Prabhodananda Sarasvati)]

What is the meaning of this verse? Krishna is the Supreme Lord, the lord of all lords. Brahma, Suka, Narada, Bhisma, and many other great personalities are not able to meditate on the lotus feet of Krishna in their heart; this is very difficult for them. However, if someone takes shelter of Shrimati Radhika and prays to Her, then, because heis carrying the lotus feet dust of Radhika on his head, Krishna will know that he wants to be a particle of dust at Her lotus feet. If Shri Radha wants to give shelter to that jiva, Krishna is at once controlled by him. The dust of Shrimati Radhika's lotus feet is such an exalted thing that if anyone worships Radhika, this dust can easily give krsna-prema. We should know Her glories.

When we perform bhajana to Krishna, we should pray:

syamasundara sikhanda-sekhara
smera-hasa murali-manohara
radhika-rasika mam krpa-nidhe
sva-priya-carana-kinkarim kuru

["O Syamasundara! O Sikhanda-sekhara (You whose head is adorned with peacock feathers)! Your face is always graced with a playful smile, Your flute-playing is enchanting, and You are so expert in relishing rasa with Shrimati Radhika. Because You are an ocean of mercy, I am appealing to You to please make me a kinkari (maidservant) at the feet of Your beloved.]

"If you are pleased with me, O Krishna, please make me a dasi of Radhika."

Our class is over now. Tomorrow morning we will go for parkirama, so be ready as usual. We will first go to Kokilavan, where Krishna used to attract the gopis by mimicking the cuckoo bird. We will continue on to Javat, where our Svamini Radhika and Her prominent sakhis were married, and where Krishna would come to meet Her in many disguises. Then we will go to Choti, to Bari Baithan; and to Carana Pahari, where the entire mountain melted by hearing the sound of Krishna's sweet vamsi (flute). The footprints of all the cows and cowherd boys are there, as well as the footprints of camels, elephants [see endnote] and deer. The footprints are all pointing in one direction ? not leaving Carana Pahari, but only coming towards it. This is because everyonecame to hear the sound of Krishna playing on His flute, so their footprints were made in the softened rock. When Krishna stopped playing, the mountain again became solid and the impressions remained there. Do not think this is an imitation; it is real.

In some spots, Krishna's footprints appear very long, and some places they appear to be normal size. The longer footprints mark the place His feet were sliding on the melted surface. This event has been described in the Skanda Purana and other Puranas, and our Gosvami's have also written about it. Do not have any doubt about this.

In Kosi, Krishna was calling out to Radhika, and Radhika playfully asked Him, "Who are you?" Krishna replied, "I am Krishna." Radhika pretended not to know Him and so scolded Him, "O black serpent, go away from here." Then Krishna said, "No, not Krishna. I am Ganasyama."

Shrimati Radhika replied, "Oh, Ganasyama, (dark monsoon cloud), we do not need water, so go to the forest and pour Your rain there."

Krishna then tried another name and said, "I am Hari." (another meaning is lion).

She said "Hari? You are a lion? Why have you come here? Do you want to attack me? Go back to the forest!" In this way, Radhika defeated Krishna in word-play. Shrila Rupa Gosvami, proud of his mistress, Shrimati Radhika, prays, "O Krishna, You were defeated by Radhika." You should pray tohave that kind of mood ? the mood of Shrila Rupa Gosvami.

Don't lose this opportunity to go to these pastime places. If you go there, there is no need to pray to Krishna for anything. The dhama will consider, "He has come to me; she has come to me." Thedhama will inspire you with all these pastimes. I request you not to think about staying back and wondering why you should or should not go. Don't think, "Imay become tired." You may be tired after so many days here, but there is no harm in that. I have brought you from very far away ? simply to hear hari-katha and to touch the dust of all the sweet pastime places. They are very rare. There are many others doing parikrama who are not aware of all these pastimes and the deep meanings behind them, nor do they go to all the places that we do. You are very fortunate to have come under the guidance of pure Vaisnavas and to hear this very sweet and powerful hari-katha. I think that your life will be very successful.

Gaura Premanande!

[Endnote - these animals are sometimes there in Vraja, but they do not cause any obstruction to Krishna's pastimes.]

Transcriber: Vasanti dasi
Editor: Janardana dasa
Editorial assistant: Shyamarani dasi
Typist: Anita dasi

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