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Video - Ae Mero Man Lago Barsane Me | Kirtan with the Master // Shrila Vishwananda Swami [00:13:32]

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ae mero man lago barsane me 
jahan viraje radha rani 

mane hato duniya dari se 
jahan mile khare pani, 

mujhe duniya se nahi koi kaam
men to ratu radha radha naam, 
darshan karu subha shyam, 
mero man me baso shyam deewani jahan viraje radha rani 

mero mana men na lage koyi rang, 
me to rahun santan ke sang, 
mere man me bharaata umang, 
barsane braj ki raja dhani jaha viraje radha rani 

mujhe nahi kuchu he lena dena
ye jagata he eka sapana, 
yaha nahi koyi he aapana, 
meri apni vrishabhanu nandani jahan viraje radha rani 


My heart is in Varshana, where Radha Rani resides. My heart is not interested on the matters of this material world, where all you get is salty water (tears). 

I have no business in this world, I only sing again and again the name of Radha. From morning till evening I receive Her darshan. In my heart sits the one who is crazy for Shyam – she resides there, Radha Rani. 

There is no other colour in my heart, I am only fulfilled by staying in the company of the saints. My heart is full of great joy, as here resides Radha Rani – the crown jewel of Braj and Varshana.

I am not interested in giving and receiving. This world is just a dream. Here there is no one we can call our own. But She is mine, the daughter of Vrishabhanu – Shri Radha Rani.

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