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Sudevi dasi claims threat to her life; demands police protection

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Padmashree-Sudevi-1024x576.jpgPadmashree Sudevi Dasi demanded police protection citing she has a threat to her life.  She said that she was being harassed and threatened by some goons, who claim to own the land where the Goshala run by her is situated. She feared that anything could happen to her, as they were after her from a long time. She has been receiving constant threats from those people. She said that she was not much concerned about her own life but was worried about the future of the injured, handicapped and abandoned cows .

Sudevi said, ” They are not going to give up until I vacate this land. They can do anything to harm me and even get me killed. They opened fire a few years back.” ” I know the cows are my protectors. If I die tomorrow, I shall go to a better place. But my only worry is what will happen to my cows, ” she sighed.

She met the Superintendent of Police Kamal Kishor and gave him a written complaint against the culprits. The SP has ordered the Circle Officer in charge of Goverdhan area to make a through probe into this matter.

Talking to ‘Vrindavan Today’, Sudevi said that two brothers, who claim to be the owners of the land where her goshala is situated, were making pressure on her to vacate the Goshala land. She said that these people are not the actual owners, but fraudulently got their names added  in the land record,  which was later caught by the SDM.


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