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Rangnath gives darshan from floral arcade

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DSC1426-1024x683.jpgVrindavan is the land of festivities. There is hardly any day when there is no celebration in the temples. Serving the Lordships is an important part of ritualistic tradition of Vrindavan.  ‘Seva’ is about comforting the Lord according to the weather conditions by offering clothes, food and decorating Him.

The Seva of the ‘Lordships’ is incorporated with nature in their way of worship. Phool Bangla is one of such celebration of nature in the temples of Vrindavan, in which the deities are seated in the flower decoration.

The tradition of Phool Bangla is celebrated all over the Braj. It has special reverence in Vrindavan due to the diversity in the tradition of different sampradayas.

On Monday, Phool Bangla was celebrated at the Rang ji temple in Vrindavan.  While the other temples celebrate the Phool Banglas for several days in the summer, Shri Rangnath Mandir celebrates it only once in the year on the Krishna Chaturthi of the month of Jyestha.  The Lordships were brought out and seated in the temporary temple structure decorated with the scented flowers.

A Thirty feet high arcade was decorated with the flower in which Shri Rangnath and Goda Devi were seated. Shri Ramanujacharya, Shri Shatkop Swamy and the deities of other Acharyas of Shri Ramanuja Sampradya was also seated in the arcade. The devotees experienced bliss with the beautiful darshan of Shri Rangnath Bhagvan . The ‘Chal Vigraha’ of Shri Rangnath was brought in the arcade amid the Vedic chants. The Lord was brought in the flower temple in the evening and remained till the night. A Kumbh Aarati was performed after the Lord was seated in the arcade.

The arcade was made of the wooden frames which was covered with the scented flowers and garlands. The fountains and the decoration of the banana tree was the major attraction on this festival.

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