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Communal tension erupted after cow slaughtering

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blog-0820509001425546063.jpgVarsana, March 4, 2015: Tense situation prevailed in the Hathia village in Varsana after a cow was slaughtered. When people opposed the slaughtering, tension erupted between two communities. Bullets were fired from both sides for two hours. Two people were hurt in the firing, while many were wounded. When the police rushed the village the miscreants fled the scene. The police had deployed adequate force in the village to prevent any untoward incident in the village.

This incident occurred when some youths saw Tahir aka Kallu slaughtering a cow, with two other men. When they resisted, Kallu and his associates attacked those who protested the slaughtering.

Meanwhile Tahir, the person who slaughtered the cow lodged a complaint against Bhavani. In the complaint he accused Bhavani inviting him at his home to make a deal to sell a tractor. When he reached Bhawani’s house he assaulted Tahir by beating him badly. He named eight other people in the assault. Counter report was also lodged from the Hindu side against eighteen people. The news spread like fire in the other villages of Varsana in which the tension between the two communities heightened.

When some people from the Hindu community were discussing the incident near the bus stand, the members from the minority community also came there and began abusing them, which resulted in heavy firing from both the sides. People closed themselves in the houses after the incident.

The Varsana police reached the spot but couldn’t stop the fire exchange as the number of police force was not enough. Then the incident was reported to the District headquarters from where extra force was sent to control the situation.

Two persons were injured in the exchange of gunfire. Nobody was ready to open their mouth. The District Magistrate and the Senior Superintendent of Police visited the village and deployed the Reserved Police Force.

On Tuesday, the muslim group from the village came forward to compromise. According to the sources, they organized a panchayat with in their community in which they fined the three miscreants with Rs. 1,05, 000. They also decided if anyone else slaughters cow in the village they would be fined Rs. 51,000. The informer will be rewarded with Rs. 11000. A grand panchayat will be organized in which the members of the both community will sit and take bigger decision so that the incident doesn’t occur again.

Meanwhile the District authorities have sent the report to the state government about the communal tension. The measures were taken to bring peace in the village. Hathia is dominated by the Mev community. It is notorious for all sorts of crime.

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