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Charkula and Mayur dance performed in Mukhrai

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blog-0398739001426123743.jpgRadha Kund, 8the March,2015: The boisterous and cheerful moments of the festivity of Holi didn’t come to an end even after it concluded on Friday. The festivity mood followed in Baldeo on the next day of the Holi, while Radha Rani’s nanihal (maternal home) in Mukharai village near Radha Kund celebrated it on the following day. The villagers of Mukhrai celebrated Holi by organizing the Mayur Nritya (peacock dance) and Charkula dance while splashing colors on each other after the event.

The Charkula dance was performed by various female artists in the village Mukharai on Sunday. The women who participated in the dance covered their faces and head with a veil, known as odhni. The District Magistrate of Mathura Shri Rajesh Kumar inaugurated the festival by lighting the lamps.

According to the legendary tales Radha’s grandmother Mukhra Devi ran out of the house with a wheel on her head, to announce the birth of her grand-daughter. It was the third day from Holi on the Dvitiya. Since then the Charkula dance became a popular dance of the Vraja region. It graces several auspicious occasion of Vraja and the state of Uttar Pradesh.

While dancing, women carried a multi-layered heavy wheel on their heads. The wheel had 108 oil lamps placed on the rim of each wheel and pots in the centre and its weight was about 40-50 kg. The women performed this art on the songs based on the hymns and couplets of the Acharyas of Vraja. The song that celebrated the eternal love of the couple is known as ‘Rasia’ in sync with dancer’s performance. In the climax of the cultural event, the male singers and dancers also joined the dance.

The instruments used in this dance were Nagara (drum), Algoza (wind instrument), Thali (brass plate used for beat), Bansuri (flute), Manjira, Kartal (cymbals) and harmonium.

The Mayur Nritya (peacock dance) was also performed in which the artists dressed with the peacock feather danced on the typical folk music of Vraja.

The prominent personalities of the village Manpal Chowdhry, Vijendra Sharma, Mudgal, Devi ram, Hariom Dubey, Kanta Prasad, Satyendra, Bhagwat Swarup, Kaushal, Deepak, Rajesh, Chitarmal Sharma, Shyam Sundar Sharma, Bhupendra, Rameshwar, Niroti Mukhiya etc. were present during the event.

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