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Saint’s prediction protects the Vraja village from hail storm

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blog-0863877001429020926.jpgVarsana, April 14, 2015: While the whole Vraja looked on in horror as the recent hailstorm devastated the farmers, it was not less than a miracle that the Palson village, in Varsana Block, remained unaffected from the massive destruction. The neighboring villages suffered the hailstorm, but the Palson village was spared. The villagers claimed that their village never witnessed the hailstorm since 1978, when they had suffered a huge loss due to the freak weather and hailstorm similar to this year.

According to the villagers, their village is protected with the blessings of a saint who lived 36 years back in the village. Sanatan Baba used to live and meditate in this village. When he found the villagers in distress due to the hailstorm and rain, his heart melted. He was pained to see, even the children didn’t have enough to eat. He decided to stop any further destruction of the crops in that village. He performed a special yajna, in which four stones were placed in all the four directions of the village. Villagers claim that after the religious ceremony, the village remained unaffected from the natural calamities.

Baba Sanatan Das predicted that the village would never suffer by the hailstorm and other natural disasters. The villagers have full faith in Baba’s prediction. Shri Rameshwar Das of the Radha Mohan temple of the village said, “The villagers built a temple of Sanatan Baba, in gratitude, after he passed away. A donation of the 5 kg grain is received by the temple after each harvest from every household of the village to feed the poor.

Former-village headman Durga Singh said, “The village is grateful to Baba, as his protection still continues to safeguard our village.” “We don’t care if people call it superstition. We can feel that our village is protected due to Baba’s blessings only,” added Durga Singh.

This village has a significance of being the ‘meditation place’ of Lord Parashuram also. The devotees can have the darshan of the deity of Lord Parashuram in the Radha Mohan Mandir. A water body was also named after Parshuram in this village.

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