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‘Geet Govindam’ expresses the intense feeling of separation

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Bhakti conference


Vrindavan, 2016.01.30 (VT): Jaidev Goswami’s Tirobhav Mahotsava (death anniversary) was celebrated with great devotion in Radha Damodar Temple. Scores of devotees and saints paid their respect to the great poet and composer by visiting his Samadhi situated in the campus of the temple.

The ‘tirobhav celebration’ began with the special puja, abhishek and aarati of Thakur Shri Radha Madhav, the deities worshiped by Shri Jai Dev Goswami. Thakur Shri Radha Madhav and Shri Radha Damodar along with the other deities present in the temple were decorated with flowers and adorned special clothes.

The Goswamis of the temple performed the Samadhi Pujan, where the devotees offered flowers and garlands on ‘the pushp samadhi’. The Saints, acharyas and devotees glorified the author and composer of the ‘Geet Govindam’ and paid tribute to him on his Samadhi.

The Harinam Sankirtan was performed by the vaishnavas. Many western devotees also participated in the programme to pay their tribute to Jaidev Goswami. They danced in the tune of Harinam Sankirtan.
A ‘bhakti-conference’ was also convened where the speakers threw light on the life and works of Jai Dev. Glorifying Shri Jaidev Goswami for his works Shri Tamal Krishna Das Brahmachari from Imlitala said, “Gita Govinda expresses the intense feelings of separation that Shri Radhika felt before the rasa dance. It also describes the most intimate pastime of the Divine Couple of Shri Radha Madhav. During Lord Chaitanya’s daily Gambhira Lila in Puri, Mahaprabhu would thoroughly relish hearing the Gita Govinda sung daily by Swarup Damodar and Mukunda.”

Tridandi Swami Shri Bhaktivedanta Madhusudan Maharaj said, “Shri Jaidev Goswami appeared three hundred years before Shriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Shri Jaidev Goswami served as the priest in the court of Shri Laxman Sena, the then King of Bengal. Jaydev and his wife Padmavati, who was a great dancer, used to worship Shri Krishna with single minded devotion. After sometime he left the opulent royal life to live peaceful in a grass hut in Champahatti in Nabadweep.”

Presiding over the function Acharya Nirmal Chandra Goswami, the Chief sevait of the Radha Damodar Temple said, “Once Jaidev felt inspired to write, Krishna bows down to Radha Rani to touch her feet. But he was hesitant to write it as it would challenge the Lord being the Supreme power of the Universe. He went to take bath in Ganga to refresh his thought. When he came back from the Ganga he found that someone completed the sentence in his work of ‘Geet Govindam’, by writing ‘dehi pada pallava udaram’. Later he found that Krishna Himself came and completed the sentence. Krishna came in disguise of Jaidev Himself and wrote the lines. He even took prasadam from the hands of Jaidev’s wife Padmavati. Radha Madhav manifested to hear the Geeta Govindam from the mouth of the great composer.”

Other speakers said that Shrila Jaidev Goswami was the composer of the immortal Sanskrit devotional song Geet Govinda, which depicts the love story of Shri Krishna and His sweet heart Radha Rani, was one of the most celebrated Vaishnava Hindu poets of India. The Gita Govinda inspired millions of people with sincere expressions of Divine Love.
Shri Mahamantra Das, Kanika Prasad Goswami, Krishna Balaram Goswami, Purna Chandra Goswami also addressed the conference.

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