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Devotees get the rare glimpse of the chandeliers of Shah ji Mandir

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Vasanti Kamra

Vrindavan, 2016.02. 13 (VT): When the Vrindavan temples celebrated the spring festival of Vasant Panchami to mark the beginning of Holi, the festival of colors; Shahji Mandir attracted a huge number of devotees to visit the ‘Vasanti Kamra,’ which is only opened twice a year for the visitors. The devotees get the rare glimpse of the chandeliers of the Shah ji Mandir on Friday and Saturday. A long queue could be seen outside the temple as thousands of devotees from the villages of Vraja came to have darshan of ‘Chhote Radha Raman’ in the Vasanti Kamra.
With the uniqueness of its architectural beauty, the temple is also known for the beautiful chandeliers in the hall of this temple. The deities are brought in this hall during these days.
There are various beautiful chandeliers in this hall. This hall is opened twice in a year, two days during Vasant Panchami and two days during the Jhulan in Shravan. The entire room is yellow in color. The ceiling and the walls is painted with multicolored paintings. The throne, the doors, several mirrors some as big as ten feet high are all gold plated. Although being older than 140 years they still glitter with amazing grandeur and brightness. The dome shaped artistically painted ceilings supports 15 huge Belgium glass chandeliers. The yellow chandeliers and the fountains are other examples of its creative brilliance.
The temple besides its religious significance holds a special place for its outstanding architecture. The temple uniquely blends, Mughal, Greek and hindu architecture, and therefore is very different from the other temples of India. Shah ji Mandir was built as a palace for the Divine Couple of Radha and Krishna. The temple provides a poetic kind of pleasure. With the image of beautiful marble painting of women playing musical instruments and the delicate figure of Radha dancing joyfully with her beloved Shri Krishna, mesmerize the mind of the devotees when they enter the sanctum sanctorum.
The Shah ji temple is also known as the Tera Khamba Mandir, or the temple with the twisted pillars. The devotees coming from distant places enjoyed by visiting the unique Vasanti Kamra, which has been one of the centers of attraction in Vrindavan for almost one and half century.

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