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  3. 6 April 2020 सिद्धबाबा 2: भक्त पर भगवान की कृपा। श्री श्री बाबा द्वारा
  4. Krishna Das sat down with some of our satsang over a cup of chai to answer a question of their choice. Thank you to all who asked their question.
  5. Swami Mukundananda gives us a way to accomplish our goals faster - it is to tap into the power of visualization. The power of visualization is much more useful than merely writing and remembering our goals. Swamiji relates the inspiring stories of people who achieved many challenging goals by tapping into the power of visualization through their minds. The power of visualization can help us accomplish our ultimate goal in life quickly, which is to purify the mind. To do that, you should meditate on the image of God, who is all pure and divine.
  6. 05/04/20 काम्यवन सिद्धबाबा 1: भक्तिपथ पर उन्नति। श्री श्री बाबा द्वारा
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