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What is more important: smaranam or kirtanam

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The letter of Swami Tripurari

Although smaranam is central to raganuga bhakti and its primary limb, it is nonetheless subordinate to kirtanam in kali yuga. Furthermore it is kirtanam that brings about meaningful smarnam. Sanatana Goswami says "If the sense of speech, which influences all the internal and external senses, comes under constant control, the mind becomes steady and engages in comprehensive recollection of the Lord. Thus, smaranam is the result of kirtanam". (Bb 2.3.149). 

Brihat-bhagavatamrta stresses the glory of kirtanam over smaranam. BSST says it like this: kirtana prabhave smarana svabhave se kale bhajana-nirjana sambhava, "By the force of kirtana remembrance of one's spiritual identity takes place. At that time one can do nirjana bhajana. 

Talk is cheap, but the self sacrifice/saranagati on which the drama of BSST's ongoing kirtana takes place is costly.

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