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Everything in the material world is temporary

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Material world means the world where everything is made up of matter.

In this material world everything is temporary. It comes into being, stays for some time, produces some by-products and then vanishes. That is the law of the material world. For example , our body or anything in this world. But beyond this temporary world there is another world called spiritual world which is not made of temporary elements but of permanent reality.

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This material world, that we are currently living in, is the world of dualities. Therefore we are constantly being bounced back and forth between pleasant and unpleasant situations. The key to liberation from this world of dualities is to tolerate them without being disturbed. In other words, we have to be transcendentally situated beyond these dualities by always keeping a cool head in all circumstances. This is achieved by always remembering Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.<br>

Ignorance is the cause of sinful life, and sinful life is the cause of one&rsquo;s dragging on in material existence. False happiness in the material world is the source of distress.

As Rupa Gosvami recommends, a devotee is not neglectful in worldly dealings. But at the same time, he deals with the material world only as much is necessary &ndash; not more and he detaches himself from the material world as much as possible.

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