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Narada considered himself the greatest devotee of Krishna

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Krishna is teaching NaradaNarada considered himself the greatest devotee of Krishna. Every now and then he would ask Krishna who is your greatest devotee and when Krishna said "you are" Narada would be thrilled to the core. Once Krishna thought that this guy is getting a swollen head and needs to be taught a lesson. So the next time Narada popped the question Krishna named a farmer in a village (in Akhilesh Yadav's, UP).

Narada's world crashed. He had to see this greatest devotee of Krishna. The farmer got up at four in the morning. No prayers. He did his household chores. No prayers. Then went to the field. He passed a temple on the way. Hurriedly bowed his head and went his way. He worked in the fields till dusk. No prayers. While returning he again bowed his head at the temple. Reached home, ate dinner and went to sleep. No prayers.

Narada was livid with rage. He stormed into Goloka and demanded an explanation as to how the farmer was a better devotee. Krishna promised to tell him but there was an important task to be performed first. He gave Narada a bowl filled to the brim with oil. Narada had to circumnavigate the universe twice without spilling a drop of oil otherwise chaos would be unleashed on the world.

Narada accomplished the task and again asked for an explanation. Krishna asked him how many times had Narada remembered him during the task. Narada replied that he had to focus hard on the Lord's work so was unable to remember him. Then Krishna said even the farmer is focused on my work but he still remembers me twice a day.

Narada realized his error. For a while he stopped bragging about his devotion to Krishna. But then old habits die hard. Soon he was back to normal. Even Krishna could not cure him of his pride.

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