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    Should I be God Fearing or God Loving? If God is all loving should I fear God? Or is it important for us to fear God to make this world a safe place to live? The World will be a safer place to live when individuals don't do wrong things, for which one needs to be God fearing. However, the fear of God to stop us from doing wrong things is not the best way to elevate our mind. We need to rise beyond the fear and consequences. Swami Mukundananda explains the best way to do this in this video.
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    Texts by Jiva: books, prayers. Language: Sanskrit, English, Russian, Bengali, Hindi. Format: pdf. Content: Тексты Дживы: книги, молитвы. Язык: санскрит, английский, русский, бенгали, хинди. Формат: pdf. Содержание:



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