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    Vishram Ghat: Where Braj Parikrama Begins and ends

    Mathura, 2018.06.26 At Mathura's famous Vishram Ghat, devotees setting out on the 40 day Braj Mandal Parikrama take vows to follow the rules and special penances of the Parikrama. After the arduous journey, devotees return to this place to celebrate the completion of their parikrama while remembering how Shri Krishna took rest here after killing King Kamsa. Along with many of Mathura's ghats, Vishram Ghat was restored in 2007. Of Mathura's 25 ghats, Vishram Ghat is considered to be the foremost. It is situated in the middle of the line of ghats and is close to many of Mathura's most elegant temples including Dwarkadhish. There are several small temples at Vishram Ghat including Mathura's Yamuna Devi temple. Mangal Aarti is held here at 4.45am in summer and 5.15 in winter. The other temples of Vishram Ghat are Krishna Balaram “Mukut” temple, Neelkanteshwar Mahadev temple, Veni Mahadev temple, Radha Damodar temple, Yamuna Krishna temple, Langali Hanuman temple, Narasimha Dev temple, Yamraj temple and Murli Mohan temple. The ghat is always crowded with devotees, but there are few amenities for visitors. There is no toilet block nearby and the water from the taps is not potable. Devotees are also disappointed by seeing drains emptying into the Yamuna here. The head pujari at Vishram Ghat, Jhabbu Chaturvedi, said that the government should help to develop the ghat so that visitors are encouraged to spend more time in the area.
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    Vrindavan temples will be closed on Guru Purnima

    Braj, 2018.07.17 The management of Radharaman temple has announced that on, Guru Purnima, the temple will remained closed after 2.50pm due to a lunar eclipse. Many other temples are likely to remain closed on th evening of the 27th, which is disappointing news for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who manage to get away from the daily grind come to Vrindavan. Darshan of Vrindavan’s Thakurjis is not something that is easily achieved. The eclipse will no doubt also decrease the number of people doing parikrama in the evening as it is thought that the best thing to do at such times is to stay inside and sing or chant. The eclipse is being described as the longest eclipse in the century. The Lunar Eclipse Starts – 23:54:26 on 27th July and ends at 3:49am on 28th. During this time, the moon will appear red as the earth’s shadow blocks the other wavelengths of light. Precautions are taken at this time because evil influences are said to be more prominent and it is not recommended to sleep during an eclipse as such prominent celestial events can cause nightmares. The clash of Guru Purnima and the lunar eclipse is unfortunate although perhaps some will take advantage by having their own jagran (fast from sleep) program. Dwarkadheesh jhula Dwarkadheesh temple has announced that Lord Dwarkadheesh’s Jhulan Yatra (swing festival) will begin from the evening of 28th July. During the month of August, Braj’s temples will all hold Jhulan Yatra festivals. The swing festival is held for several days, even weeks in some temples. Many temples begin the festival from Hariyali Teej (13th August) by installing Thakurji’s swing among decorations made from greenery. The festival continues until Raksha Bandhan (26th August).
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    Potra-kunda (Pavitra-kunda) : Потра-кунда (Павитра-кунда)

    Potra-kunda holds immense significance in the hearts of Lord Krishna's Devotees. It is believed that Devaki and Vasudev used to wash their baby clothes in this kunda. The place was first known as Pavitra-kunda but with the time it was pronounced as Potra-kunda. Potra means clothes, thus the name Potra-kunda was given to this place. Mother Devaki washed Krishna's clothes in this kunda after his birth. This place is adjacent to the Shri Krishna's birthplace (Shri Krishna Janmasthana). Connected to the pious river Yamuna through underground pipelines, this kunda is the most ancient place in the city. Once a part of Kamsa prison, this beautiful and sacred kunda is today the most important part of itinerary for the pilgrims visiting Mathura. This is the same prison where he kept Devaki and Vasudev ji, the prison where Krishna was born. Potra-kunda in Mathura is a sacred place and is believed to be the spot where one can leave his impurities and experience the devoutness of Krishna's land. Потра-кунда имеет огромное значение для преданных Господа Кришны. Считается, что Деваки и Васудева использовали её для стирки детской одежды. Место было изначально известно как Павитра-кунда, но со временем стало произноситься как Потра-кунда. Потра означает одежда, поэтому такое название было дано этому месту. Мать Деваки стирала в этой кунде одежду Кришны после его рождения. Эта место примыкает к месту рождения Шри Кришны (Шри Кришна Джанмастхана). Соединяясь со священной рекой Ямуной через подземные трубопроводы, эта кунда является самым древним местом в городе. Когда-то часть тюрьмы Камсы, эта красивая и священная кунда сегодня является самой важной частью маршрута для паломников, посещающих Матхуру. Это та же тюрьма, где он держал Деваки и Васудеву джи, и где родился Кришна. Потра-кунда в Матхуре является священным местом, где можно очиститься от осквернения и испытать набожность земли Кришны.
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    Shrila Bhakti Vedanta Narayana Goswami - Audio Books. Description: A series of lectures by Srila Bhakti Vedanta Narayana Maharaj. Narrator (male voice) is reading the text of the lecture on the background of the Indian traditional music. Language: Russian, English. Format: MP3. Contents: Шрила Бхакти Веданта Нараяна Госвами - Аудио книги. Описание: Серия лекций Шрила Бхакти Веданта Нараяна Махараджа. Рассказчик (мужской голос) читает текст лекции на фоне индийской традиционной музыки. Язык: русский, английский. Формат: MP3. Содержание: