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Shrila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja
House Darshan, Vrindavan
22 April 1994

Shrila Gurudeva, “If anyone will call out these names, Jaya Rupa Santana, Bhatta Raghunatha….. they will mercifully come and give mercy to that Sadhaka so that all anarthas and little things will go away and Krishna prema will come.

Always remember this and be peaceful and try to leave this body as a piece of cloth. Never fear from death. Let it come; like Bhisma, he never feared from death; he always welcomed death. I think that at the time of death, of his departure from this world, he had no pain or suffering.

So always chant and try to concentrate your mind at the lotus feet of Radha and Krishna conjugal. Always, “Radha Madhava, Radha Govinda, Radha Gopinatha, Radha Syamasundar,” always. If you cannot chant Hare Krishna for so long, then only “Hare Krishna,” “Radhe Radhe.” Always remember this. Yama will not come; that is guaranteed. Always chant. In Vrindavan, Yama will not come after you. All of this is going on by the arrangement of Krishna. And if there is anything painful coming, then “Radhe Radhe!”

I came to Swamiji in the same state. One day before he was talking with me and the next day he left. Hearing Hare Krishna, he went to Radha and Krishna. You should remember and call to Shrimati Radhika more than Krishna because she is your Swaminiji. Your Master is Shrimati Radhika. Have you this mood in your heart?

The Master of Vrindavan is Shrimati Radhika. You are alright. I am so much happy to see you, but I am unhappy feeling that a devotee like you is separating from me. You are a sincere and good devotee.

We will meet forever in Giriraja under a Tamal tree. We will meet again and you will be in a very good and beautiful shape, like a gopi (Gurudeva laughing).

Swamiji loved me also, so he kept me at his lotus feet. I am so glad. With Radha and Krishna, Gaura-Nitai, Prabhupada, I will also be in your heart always. Yes! “Narayana, Narayana”. Yama cannot come…”

Transcription, editor: Sudevi dasi


ae mero man lago barsane me 
jahan viraje radha rani 

mane hato duniya dari se 
jahan mile khare pani, 

mujhe duniya se nahi koi kaam
men to ratu radha radha naam, 
darshan karu subha shyam, 
mero man me baso shyam deewani jahan viraje radha rani 

mero mana men na lage koyi rang, 
me to rahun santan ke sang, 
mere man me bharaata umang, 
barsane braj ki raja dhani jaha viraje radha rani 

mujhe nahi kuchu he lena dena
ye jagata he eka sapana, 
yaha nahi koyi he aapana, 
meri apni vrishabhanu nandani jahan viraje radha rani 


My heart is in Varshana, where Radha Rani resides. My heart is not interested on the matters of this material world, where all you get is salty water (tears). 

I have no business in this world, I only sing again and again the name of Radha. From morning till evening I receive Her darshan. In my heart sits the one who is crazy for Shyam – she resides there, Radha Rani. 

There is no other colour in my heart, I am only fulfilled by staying in the company of the saints. My heart is full of great joy, as here resides Radha Rani – the crown jewel of Braj and Varshana.

I am not interested in giving and receiving. This world is just a dream. Here there is no one we can call our own. But She is mine, the daughter of Vrishabhanu – Shri Radha Rani.

Swami Mukundananda helps us understand why our mind gets attached to something or someone in the world.

Video - The power of positive thoughts // Swami Mukundananda [00:14:14]

Relish the sweet leelas of Shri Krishna with a devotional heart. Swami Mukundananda's playful narration of the divine pastimes of Lord Krishna is truly enchanting. Experience your mind getting naturally drawn to the pastures of Vrindavan as you lose yourself in the heart touching lilas of Shri Krishna.

List of top 5 lilas of shri krishna:

00:10 - Shri Krishna lila #1 : Shri Krishna Damodara Lila 
08:34 - Shri Krishna lila #2 : Shri Krishna Butter Stealing Lila
17:51 - Shri Krishna lila #3 : Shri Krishna Govardhan Lila 
28:24 - Shri Krishna lila #4 : Shri Krishna Kaliya Nag Lila 
34:37 - Shri Krishna lila #5 : Sweet Lilas of Shri Krishna & Friends 

Do this everyday to achieve the ultimate goal of your life

Parikrama: Shrivasangam by Prem Prayojan das (with Russian translation)

Hare Krishna Kirtan at Shri Vrindavana Dham 8

Swami Mukundananda gives us an easy way to make meditation work for us. Swamiji relates to us some inspiring stories on what we can achieve through the practice of meditation when we absorb our minds in it. The subconscious mind works to our advantage so quickly when we visualize things.

14.02.2020, Yashoda Ma birthday, Nandagram parikrama.

Shri Vrindavana-dhama Kirtan

Swami Mukundananda talks about the right consciousness we need to develop to reach the ultimate goal of our life, which is to feel the presence of God near us all the time.

Shrila Bhakti Vedanta Narayana Goswami - Lectures, 1996-2010.
Language: English.
Format: AVI, WMV, DVD, MP4.


Шрила Бхакти Веданта Нараяна Госвами - лекции, 1996-2010.
Язык: Английский.
Format: AVI, WMV, DVD, MP4.

Morning Walk - Radha Krishna pastimes, Oakland, USA, June 2007

One day, when Radhika was a child, She was playing in the dust with Her sakhis when mischievous Krishna suddenly arrived. The sakhis forbade Him to come inside the kunja, but why would Shri Krishna obey them? He entered by force. At that moment, a dust-storm fell upon them by providence, and the entire sky became covered with dust. Nothing could be seen anywhere, and the sakhis fearfully covered their eyes with their hands. Krishna took this opportunity to embrace the youthful Radhika and kiss Her face. This pastime took place at the time of vayah-sandhi, or the period between childhood and youth. Today, Vilas Mandir is situated where this pastime took place.

The Adi-varah Purana states:

vilas rupine tubhyarii namah Krishnaya te namah 
sakhivarga sukhaptaya krida-vimala darsine

"I offer my obeisances to Shri Krishna in the form of He who plays lovely pastimes. He performs these pastimes simply to give pleasure to the sakhis."


Vaishnavas Scriptures
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Tu Rateja Radha Naam Kirtan, 28.08.2017


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