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  1. 02.07.20 मेरे चले जाने के बाद इस प्रेमधन को नूरू आएगा उसे दे देना :महाप्रभु ,"भावुक कथा श्री श्री वा
  2. Paramahamsa Vishwananda talks about singing, playing an instrument and dancing for God (but doing them without pride).
  3. Swami Mukundananda explains how to turn any problem into an opportunity in life. Swamiji relates the inspiring story of Steve Jobs to convey to us the importance of developing the right attitude towards facing challenges in life.
  4. 30.06.20 हे प्रभु हमें आनंद नहीं चाहिए हमें दुख दो जिससे हमारा अन्तःकरण शुद्ध हो प्राणधन बाबा


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