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Found 2 results

  1. В этот день Шри Кришна становится полноправным пастухом. До этого момента он пас только телят. Таким образом, Шри Кришна вместе со своим старшим братом Баларамой прошел возраст детства, известный как каумара, и вступил в эпоху пауганда, длящегося с шести до десяти лет. В это время все пастухи посовещались и согласились дать мальчикам, которым уже исполнилось пять лет, обязанность пасти коров на пастбище. Получив эту обязанность, Кришна и Баларама путешествовали по Вриндавану, очищая землю отпечатками своих лотосоподобных стоп. В разделе Картика-махатмья Падма Пураны сказано: шуклаштами карттике ту смрита гопаштами будхаих тад-динад васудево бхуд гопах пурвам ту ватсапах «Восьмой лунный день светлой пловины месяца Картика известен властями как Гопаштами. С того дня Господь Васудева стал пастухом, тогда как раньше Он ухаживал за телятами». Слово падаих указывает, что Господь Кришна благословил землю, прогуливаясь по ее поверхности своими лотосоподобными стопами. Господь не носил обуви, гуляя в лесу, доставляя большое беспокойство девушкам Вриндавана, которые боялись, что его мягкие лотосоподобными стопы будут поранены. В то время Кришна сказал, что коровам поклоняются даже полубоги, и Он практически продемонстрировал, как защищать коров. По крайней мере, люди, которые находятся в сознании Кришны, должны следовать по Его стопам и защищать всех коров. Коровам поклоняются не только полубоги. Сам Кришна поклонялся коровам несколько раз, особенно в дни Гопаштами и Говардхана-пуджи.
  2. Vrindavan, 2014.10.31 (VT): Gopashtami is the occasion when one should take a pledge to protect the cows. This is the day when Shri Krishna went out to graze the cows (go-charan) for the first time. For this festival, cows are worshiped in every temples, ashrams and house of Braj. Unfortunately, by the very next day they are forgotten. The cow is revered by millions of Hindus, but not much can be done for them in the so called secular state of India. Leaving the rest of India, even our Braja-bhoomi has not been able to become a safe haven for the cow. When we think of Krishna, we visualize Gomata with him. Yet, even in this land where their master Shri Krishna used to roam barefooted with them, they are not safe. Braja should set the example for the whole world by putting cow protection front and center and promoting the cow economy. But this has not yet happened. Thousands of stray cows can be seen getting beaten in the streets by fruit or vegetable vendors. They don’t get enough to eat from the streets, which forces them to eat non-edibles such as paper and polythene bags. Many cows die in road accidents, even though hundreds of goshalas are fetching big donations in their name. Pasture lands have been grabbed by land mafias and hotels and housing complexes have been built on them. This leaves them no alternative but to roam the streets. Those who claim to be working for the cows are only interested in running their goshalas. An effort is needed to bring all the goshalas under one platform so they can work together for cow protection. Those who run the goshalas also need better management training so they can become self-dependent by making products out of cow dung and cow urine, apart from selling cow milk. Farmers need to be motivated to use natural organic compost made of cow dung instead of using chemical fertilizers. They should also be encouraged as far as possible to use bulls instead of mechanized tractors in the fields, which will have a very good long term impact in terms of growing natural organic produce. The condition of milch cows is generally a little better than that of the male calves and oxen, since they are needed for the production of milk. But it is painful to see the cruelty of young calves being separated from their mothers and abandoned to life on the street and the depravations of poachers. Butchers take advantage of the selfish mentality of those Hindus who abandon the cow after she goes dry. These animals are stolen in the night and sent to places where cow slaughter is legally allowed. Let us take a pledge on this day to think seriously how we can do some good for the gau-matas. We should work together to make Braj bhoomi a sanctuary for our mother the cow. We should propagate the idea of the cow economy seriously. Let us join hands to bring pressure on the government to make Braj bhoomi a safe home for Krishna’s most beloved creature. Let us become a true Brajwasi by doing the job of Govinda and Gopal.


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