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Found 3 results

  1. Nanda Gaon, 2014.10.05 (VT): As reported on Oct. 1, the deities stolen from Sanket Sthali were recovered by the police. After going through the bureaucratic procedures, the deities were returned to the sevaits in Sanket. Yesterday, entire village celebrated the return.
  2. Vrindavan, Februay 14th 2015: Ancient Ashtadhatu (eight-metal) deities were stolen from Nimbark Kot Mandir in Chhipi Gali of Vrindavan. According to the temple Mahant Shri Vrindavan Vihari Goswami these deities were two hundred years old. The deities of Laddu Gopal and Devacharya Narad along with his Vina were stolen from the temple in broad day light at 10 a.m. Some puja accessories and utensils made of silver and brass were also found missing from the temple. Shri Vrindavan Bihari Goswami said that after Shringar Aarti he went inside the room to wash his hands. When he came back he found the deities were missing from its place. There was no deployment of security guard in the temple as it is a private property. A big number of local people gathered outside the temple when they heard about the incident. They blamed the police of being inefficient as it reached forty five minutes late after the case was reported. Moreover the police haven’t formally registered a case against the unknown miscreants. The Station Officer of Vrindavan Police Shri Akhilesh Kumar has said, “We are investigating the case. We shall formally register the case once the initial investigation is done. We shall initiate man hunt to find the deities.” The Nimbark Kot temple was built in 1924 and has been a centre of faith for the followers of the Nimbark Sampraday. This is not the first time when the deities were stolen from any temple. The deities from many other temples were also stolen earlier which have not been recovered till today. The ASI protected Yugal Kishore temple may be the first temple in Vrindavan’s history from where the deity was stolen centuries before. The temple remains closed without any deity.